Find out at the Kelpies /AQHAES Ranch Sorting Open

Where: Natural Hipic Barcelona, Spain

When: September 11/12, 2021

What: Ranch Sorting, Ranch Riding, Ranch Trail and AQHA Halter Open

The fast and furious sport of Ranch Sorting is sweeping throughout Europe thanks to the popularity of American Quarter Horses. Now Quarter Horse owners in Spain can have fun trying it out too!

What is Ranch Sorting?

Ranch Sorting is a class designed to preserve the heritage and virtues of the old west ranching lifestyle. The class derives from cattle work done on US ranches bi-annually, where cows are separated from calves and steers are separated from heifers.

Eleven cows with numbers from 0 through to 9 and one cow without a number are placed in one of two round corrals. A two-riders/horse team waits in the other ring.

When the class begins one rider crosses the marked start line, and a flag is dropped which sets off a timer. The team is given its number at this moment. 

The pair of riders then needs to pick out the cow with their number and move it to the other pen – successively they sort as many other cows as they can within the one-minute time limit. So, if they are given the number 6, they need to sort the cow with that number and then the cows with numbers 7,8,9,0,1 and so on. The cow without a number needs to stay in the original pen though!

At the end of the class, the team who sorted the most cows in the fastest time wins the prize!

About the Event!

The AQHAES Ranch sorting event is open to riders of all ages. Anyone can participate with their own horse, and members of the AQHAE that own a registered Quarter Horse will also have access to other western classes such as Ranch Trail, Ranch Riding and the Halter Open.

Since Ranch Sorting is not a judged event, but rather a race against the clock. It doesn’t really matter if your horse is young or old, or even what breed he is. What counts is how you work together, how you work with your teammate and how accurate you are when sorting the cattle.

What Makes Us Powerful Makes Them Perform

Ranch Sorting is a special event which requires horses to use quick bursts of energy but also remain cool and collected in moments of stress, such as when they need to sort cows quickly and accurately. It is often not possible to meet a sorting horses’ calorie demands by feeding only forage. Kelpies’ Low Starch & High Fibre is fortified with important vitamins and minerals to meet the nutritional demands of high action sport like western performance.

Food is fuel and what we give our horses affects how they function physically and mentally. By providing performance horses the right combination of energy and nutrition you can postpone the onset of fatigue and reduce the risk of injury.

Not all feed calories are created equal though.

All horses are individuals and differ tremendously in their demands for energy. Some breeds like Quarter horses and Paints are easy doers and gain weight quickly even in full work. These horses do not require the extra calories that high energy feeds provide but usually benefit from more vitamins and minerals in their diet. The solution is Kelpies Balancer, a concentrated source of nutrients that can be added to the feed without worrying about weight gain.

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