Kelpies is honored to support riders on their competitive journey and we are thrilled to sponsor the Swedish father/ daughter showjumping pair Adrian and Linnea Cronin.

Tell us about your upbringing?

“I grew up in Ireland, near Limerick, on a small farm with some stables. In Ireland the kids that were into horses did a bit of everything, be it fox hunting and eventing through to showjumping. My siblings were riders, so as soon as I could ride (around 5) I joined them. With ponies, we all had a lot of fun. I competed in pony classes up to age 15 before attending the Limerick Equine Science University, where I finished my studies.”

How have things changed for young riders today?

“Things were different back then. Riders rode many disciplines rather than focusing on just one like they do today. There are positives and negatives to both approaches, but I think mixing things (eventing, riding at speed, over varied terrain etc) can help junior riders become better all round horsemen and horsewomen. Horsemanship is important too. I don’t think its good for kids to be focused only on winning, with grooms and parents doing all the behind-the-scenes work while they just get on and ride.”

Tell us about something you are proud of?

“I actually get a huge kick out of matching riders with horses. I work as a scout for riders that are looking for their perfect match. The first horse I succesfuly sourced was the fantastic Richmond Park who I found for rider Royne Zetterman. I’m proud of that one. I first saw him as a 5-year-old and sent a video immediately to Royne. He brought him as soon as he turned 6 and by 9 he was world champion.”

What do you look for when you are scouting for a prospect?

“When I am looking for a horse, there are two qualities it must have.

  • Character: I like horses that are alert and cognizant but at the same time relaxed. I avoid stressed, anxious or spooky horses.  
  • Rideability: A sporthorse needs good self-carriage and to carry himself independently. Only with correct balance can the rider then adjust the horse under saddle. Good communication without having to working too hard is requisite for a harmonious partnership.”

Tell us about your daughter Linnea?

“We don’t have a ton of horses. We just don’t have that luxury. That means Linnea doesn’t have a team of horses to choose from. But, you know, you can only win on one horse. Right? That’s what I tell her and that’s what she is managing to do.”

Do you yourself have a special horse? 

“A special mare for me is Hard to beat. I bought her when she was wild and deemed unridable, and brought her up to 1.50. She has won a lot of classes for me and well and taught me the importance of respecting female power! Seriously, I learnt so much from this horse, and Linnea has also won classes riding her. In the future it would be great if I can breed a foal from her.”

Can you tell me about a normal week in your house?

“There is no normal week in our house! This year was all about travel and planning, but now that school has started again, it is all about organizing when the kids can take time off school to compete. We do everything ourselves, without the help of staff, and it does take a lot of time to work out our travel commitments and organize who will look after the horses at home. Luckily, as a family, everyone chips in and does their part.”

How do you feel about both your children wanting to compete? 

“Well, let’s just say it would have been cheaper if they had preferred football..I am happy they want to compete, and teaching and training them myself brings me immense satisfaction. Up until now I trained Linnea myself, we are looking for an external trainer for her now to keep the peace at home!”

What is your ideal off-day?

“I’m a fisherman. A fishing holiday for me is the ultimate in relaxation.”

Tell us about your routine?

“Every horse is different, but in general my horses all work 6 days a week with one day off and lots of relaxing turnout. I don’t feed anything extra (Kelpies is enriched with Alltech Technology) aside from electrolytes during periods of strenuous exercise/heat and I like to give recovery mash post-competition or whilst traveling.”

Are there any specific health checks you do pre/post competition?

“The vet is an essential figure for any competive stable, mine is no different. I have my own vet that keeps tabs on the health and performance of all my horses regularly and the Swedish team vet ensures health checks are made before competitions and when horses arrive at each show.”

Ever not feel like riding?

“Yes. When the weather is really bad. That why I left Ireland actually…”

What does the Sponsorship with Kelpies mean to you?

“So far, the results have been great. Having an all-inclusive performance feed means I have one less worry to deal with. Knowing that my horses are receiving everything they need is a relief, and I can see the effects it has on them. They all look incredible and feel stronger and more motivated. They never seem to run out of energy, no matter what sort of training we are doing.”

“The Recovery mash has been wonderful for travel. For example the trips to Portugal take us 4 days and the biggest challenge has always been to keep the horses hydrated while on the move. With the mash this is not even a concern anymore.“

“One of Linneas horses has been passed down to her little sister to ride. Since we swapped that horse to Kelpies Perfomance Lead the effects on his perfomance and condition have been obvious. We feed this horse only half the ration size of what we previously fed him, but in just a short time frame he is looking and riding like he was back when Linnea was competing with him.”


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