Kelpies helps keep your horse healthy from the inside out

Kelpies Galician Horse Feeds are trusted by riders and trainers all over Europe to supply the micronutrients and energy required for optimal athletic performance and health, without compromising digestive function.

Many of the elite racehorses and equine athletes winning on the European circuit are powered by Kelpies Galician products. Kelpies is proud of these results and we are constantly working to meet the stringent demands of our racing and performance customers.

What makes us powerful, is what makes them perform!

The right nutrition is fundamental to your horses health, wellbeing and performance.Backed by over 40 years of research, Alltech innovative micronutrient solutions improve performance and longevity at each stage of your horse’s life. Kelpies products are all enriched with high-quality Alltech antioxidants and minerals, which support recovery in muscles, bones, and connective tissue.

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