Carl Walter Fox is a successful show jumper from Sweden with fifteen horses using Kelpies horse feed products to keep them in winning condition.

What is the most important element of your stable management?

“Kelpies of course! No, but jokes aside, our team is a hive of busy bees. We work in unison all the time, and it’s impossible to say if one element is more sucessful than another. Whether it is the skill of the riders, dedication of the grooms, quality of the horses, or the intense training schedule and carefully planned nutrition regime. All I know is that it all works, and that’s what is making us successful as a team right now.”

Describe a typical week?

“It all depends on our competition schedule. Last week there was the young horse championship, while yesterday I was away in Oslo competing. That meant I was only home for one day this week. On a normal week, we would be trying to compete closer to home or train the horses in different locations.”

How big is your team?

“We have 15 talented horses and a team of five staff (and the owner Lise-Lotte Erlandsson).”

How do you prepare for competition?

“It all depends on which horse I am riding, and the level that horse is training at. If it is a lean horse that needs to travel to compete, then we try to get some extra kilos on them before departure. Some of our horses prepare for competition best by working daily over small fences, others need to be worked harder and higher.”

Are you nervous before a competition?

“Yeah, I think it’s good to be nervous! But it depends on the competition too. In Oslo, for example, I was nervous, but the adrenaline actually improved my performance. I try to prepare myself mentally before anything big. But it really comes down to the horse and the situation at hand.”

How are things going this Autumn/winter so far?

“It’s been going well. We did a major competition in Italy and I placed in the Grand prix. I actually placed second against my girlfriend Stephanie Holmén by only 0.05 seconds. Next, we have the Elmia horse show, which is the Swedish youth championship. We are planning on who should go to that. I am off to the Swedish championship, and will do maybe 1-2 international shows over winter to ensure the younger horses get some experience out and about, and the older horses can compete in different classes.”

 How long have you used Kelpies and how are the horses?

“The horses look and feel great. We can recommend Kelpies products with full confidence. All of our horses are happy and love meal time. It must be very tasty!”

What is your best tip for success?

“I believe in working on long-term goals. Some things you can never study at home, like how to cope with stress, deception, or how to act when things are not going well, or when in fact they are. These are all part of the ‘behind the scenes’ challenges that you would not necessarily think of when you see me in the show ring. So, you have to put yourself out there and learn from others. It’s a long process.”


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