We had a chat with the amazing Matilde at Yeguada Cerro de Los Castillejos about her horse life and the loss of her father who was also her mentor.

 Tell us how you got your interest for horses?

“Since my childhood I have been in to the world of horses. I practiced show jumping at first but then I took the reins of the cattle ranch where I dedicate myself to the breeding of PRE and HA”

What´s the history of your stud farm?

“The stud farm is over 30 years old. The founder was my father, Antonio Leon, who passed away in 2007. When he passed, we were in the middle of a crisis and today I am very happy and glad that those moments have passed”

“I keep fighting every day for my hobby and the strong affection that I have for the horse, and to see my father’s dream come true”

Do you compete?  

“The stud has not participated in any contest yet. This year we only tested in Cabalcor, obtaining a good result, but we did not yet get the first position, but it was a very good experience, and we did well!”

Most horse owners have “that one horse” that has meant a lot to them. Can you tell us about yours?

“A special horse for me is Tutor. It was one of the last gifts from my father 4 months before his death. I fell in love with this horse at first sight!”

What do you like most about working with horses?

“Every day we wake up with the same illusion of the first day”

 “Every day is different, and we like that. We strive to breed horses with a line and genetics worthy of a PRE horse. Although there are bad days, all the efforts finally payoff”

What´s your biggest challenge?

I couldn’t tell you! We are really pleased with our stud farm and the work we do. But I would like a future world champion in farming to exist.

Do you see any changes in the horses since you started with Kelpies?

 With Kelpies our horses have a totally new shine to their hair, our mares do not lose as much weight although they feed their foals! That’s really important for us!


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