Just a few seconds ago you didn’t know Paralympic Rider Lena Malmström but now you do.

Kelpies are honored to be associated with a small group of professional Equestrian athletes who can extend the reach of the Kelpies brand into the market.

Meet the wonderful Lena Malmström

Lena is an inspiring and experienced para dressage rider on the way to achieving her Paralympic dream with homebred mare Fabulous Fidelie (Floricello and Flingan. Don Romantic). 

The Covid-19 delayed Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Olympics are scheduled to take place starting on 24 August 2021, right in the middle of a hot Japanese summer.

If all goes according to plan, Lena will ride her very own 2012 mare, Fabulous Fidelie, born and trained at her farm in Brönnestad.

A life around horses

Lena started riding at 9 and quickly progressed up to the point of working and riding for a stable in Phem at just 13. After completing her high school education, she applied to study stable management at Flyinge and took a job with horses near Kristianstad. The combined work experience and education readied her to start Que Sporthorses, her own breeding and riding venture in Brönnestad. 

She is a unique athlete, not due to skill as a rider, but also as breeder and trainer. Two of her homebred mares have already reached European Championship level in Para dressage, and she has collected Swedish Championship medals, National Championship medals and a 5th place at the European Championships in Gothenburg in freestyle dressage.

“I am so immensely proud of my mare Fabulous Fidelie. She is a wonderful all-rounder, who made an excellent broodmare and mother before developing into a finely tuned dressage horse well-suited to international competitions.”

Hard work and a lot of training

Though Lena won the National Championship and the Swedish Championship with horses she trained at home, Tokyo is next level stuff. 

In any normal year, there would be massive hype in anticipation of the games. These, though, are anything but usual times.

“Competing abroad requires more organization and attention. Horses need special care when travelling away from home. To compete successfully internationally, a rider needs more than just talent – they need focus, accuracy and a competitive streak.”

The road toward Tokyo has been bumpy. And no one has found it easy. To mentally focus on a dream that may or may not happen has been tough for the athletes selected. 

“My horse and I worked so hard to make the selection, and we kept developing our skills to prepare for Tokyo even though nothing was certain. Luckily, my horse is naturally positive, happy, energetic, and willing to work, which makes training with her that much more enjoyable.”

Get out there, ride some tests, and have a lot of fun doing it!

Lena recommends that aspiring dressage riders should watch as much footage and live dressage competition as possible. Even just at home on YouTube is helpful to get a competitive edge and understanding of the sport.

“Study the best riders at each level and watch the horses. Dressage requires a horse that will measure up internationally. Be clear about your investment (goal) when considering a future prospect. It can be different for everyone. Try to compete as much as you can and find out how you function mentally. Acknowledge yourself and your personality – and work with that not against it,”

Kelpies Galicia is proud to sponsor Lena and keep Fabulous Fidelie looking and feeling her best. 

“The obvious well-being of my horses provides clear testament to the benefits of feeding Kelpie’s products. I appreciate having nutritionists always available for advice and information too.” ~ Lena Malmström


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